The right guide for selling your business


Financing, business development and the sale of a business are often difficult passages for SME managers. A guide can be useful to maximize your success while managing risks.
La mission de Swisssucces:  set a goal with you and take you to the top. To achieve this, we offer you our unique experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and accompany you throughout the process, from the evaluation of your company, the implementation of an appropriate teaser, an adequate multilingual presentation in different languages, research and selection of potential buyers (Sales Side) or partners (Fusion / Joint Venture Side) in all discretion (MDS / Mandatory & Discretianary Search Model).

Specialized advice in Due Diligence and follow-up with our partners on legal, financial and fiscal aspects.

Our track record demonstrates a deep ability to search, identify and negotiate buyers and strategic investors for your business worldwide.











We will accompany you throughout the adventure leading you to the goals we have set together.

We guide you with our M&A expertise and creativity in the development of your assets.

We ensure that you negotiate in your best interests and take advantage of your context and environment. Finally, you will benefit from our extensive network of Swiss SMEs and financial institutions.



Our team is exclusively composed of specialists with many years of experience in mergers and acquisitions of SMEs.

We have all the legal expertise necessary to accompany you and negotiate in your best interests.

We offer you our solid competence in marketing and business development and put our extensive network at your disposal. All projects in which we are involved are subject to appropriate commitments to safeguard your interests and ensure discretion and professionalism. We treat the information of our partners with the utmost confidentiality.


We believe in what we do and choose our partners based on their potential and the quality of their teams and leaders. Our fee policy is based on the success of the operations we carry out together.

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge any fees for the management and analysis of your file.

Our vision is to add value to the Swiss SME market, so we have opted for solutions that preserve their cash flow.


We have always been committed to moving forward in close collaboration with our partners. The processes involved in our activities require a relationship of total trust where you know you can count on us as well as on our discretion. We know how a positive group dynamic can increase the chances of reaching the top and very often avoid abandonment. We are with you through the difficulties you encounter and guide your steps through the key passages.

Swisssuccess is a modern company that has deliberately decided to put the human being at the centre of its preoccupations. Our team collaborates to develop a warm and positive working atmosphere that allows us to get the best out of each person throughout the adventure. The notions of effort, respect, trust, enthusiasm and creativity are for us the ones that emanate from any great success.